Visual Timeline: Memphis (Ancient Egypt)

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3150 BCE - 30 BCE: Life of the City of Memphis, Egypt.
3150 BCE: Memphis Egypt known as Hut-Ka-Ptah ("Mansion of the Soul of Ptah").
3150 BCE - 2613 BCE: Memphis called Inbu-Hedj ("White Walls").
2613 BCE - 2181 BCE: Memphis is capital of Old Kingdom in Egypt.
2332 BCE - 2283 BCE: During reign of Pepi I Memphis becomes known as Men-nefer ("Enduring and Beautiful") which Greeks translate as Memphis.
2181 BCE - 2040 BCE: Capital of Egypt moves from Memphis to Herakleopolis during the First Intermediate Period.
2040 BCE: Thebes is capital of Egypt, Memphis continues as important religious and commercial site.
1991 BCE: Iti-tawi (Lisht) is capital of Egypt, monuments still raised at Memphis.
1353 BCE - 1336 BCE: Akhenaten builds temple to Aten at Memphis.
1279 BCE - 1213 BCE: Ramesses II honors Memphis with monuments and building projects.
671 BCE: Second Egyptian Campaign, Assyrian army successfully captures Memphis and conquers Egypt.
671 BCE: Memphis destroyed by Assyrian king Esarhaddon.
670 BCE - 668 BCE: Memphis rebuilt.
666 BCE: Memphis destroyed by Assyrian king Ashurbanipal.
664 BCE - 525 BCE: Memphis rebuilt during the time of the Saite Pharaohs.
525 BCE: Persian Invasion of Egypt. Memphis becomes capital of Satrapy.
331 BCE: Alexander the Great is crowned pharaoh of Egypt at Memphis.
323 BCE: Ptolemy I has Alexander the Great's body entombed at Memphis.
283 BCE - 246 BCE: Ptolemy II has Alexander the Great's body moved to Alexandria. Memphis declines in prestige.
196 BCE: Memphis Decree (Rosetta Stone) issued by Ptolemy V during whose reign city declines with rest of country.
30 BCE: Egypt taken by Rome; Memphis is neglected and begins final decline to ruin.
640 CE: Arab invasion of Egypt; Memphis ruins used as source of stone for building cities of Fustat and Cairo.
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