Visual Timeline: Medieval Castle

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967 CE: The castle of Baños de la Encina, Jaén, Spain is built by the Moors.
1000 CE: The tower keep is built at Ivry-la-Bataille Castle, Normandy, France.
1000 CE: The castle and tower keep of Langeais, central France, are built.
1020 CE: The tower keep of Loches Castle, central France, is built.
1066 CE: William the Conqueror begins construction of Dover Castle in southern England.
1066 CE: The Normans introduce motte and bailey castles to Britain.
1067 CE - 1090 CE: The first Great Hall of Chepstow Castle is built.
1067 CE: Earl William FitzOsbern begins the construction of Chepstow Castle in Wales.
1068 CE: Exeter Castle, Devon, England is built.
1068 CE: A motte and bailey castle is built at York, England.
1068 CE: A motte and bailey castle is built at Warwick, Warwickshire, England.
1069 CE: A second motte and bailey castle is built at York, England.
1070 CE: The Normans build the motte and bailey Pickering Castle, Yorkshire, England.
1070 CE: William the Conqueror builds a motte and bailey castle at Windsor.
1072 CE: The tower keep of Chepstow Castle, Wales is built.
1074 CE: The tower keep is begun at Colchester Castle, Essex, England.
1078 CE - 1100 CE: The White Tower of the Tower of London is built, a project begun by William the Conqueror.
1080 CE: A motte and bailey castle is built at Launceston, Cornwall, England.
1080 CE: A motte and bailey castle is built at Totnes, Devon, England.
1087 CE - 1089 CE: Construction of the first stone version of Rochester Castle in England.
1093 CE: A motte and bailey castle is built at Caernarfon in Wales by the Normans.
1095 CE - 1115 CE: The hall keep is added to Norwich Castle, Norfolk, England.
1100 CE: The motte and bailey Restormel Castle, Cornwall, England is built.
1105 CE: Corfe Castle, Dorset, England is built.
1122 CE: Carlisle Castle, Cumbria, England is built.
1125 CE: The tower keep of Arques Castle, Normandy, France is built by Henry I of England.
1127 CE - 1136 CE: The tower keep is built at Rochester Castle, England.
1127 CE: Construction begins of Scarborough Castle, Yorkshire, England
1130 CE: Etampes Castle is built, near Paris, France. The tower keep is circular on the outside and square inside.
1131 CE: The castle of Bari, southern Italy is built by Count Roger I.
1136 CE: The Knights Hospitaller are given the castle of Beth Gibelin, Jerusalem.
1138 CE: Castle Rising Castle, Norfolk, England is built.
1138 CE: The tower keep of Farnham Castle, Surrey, England is built.
1142 CE: A tower keep is added to Hedingham Castle, Essex, England.
1144 CE: The Knights Hospitaller acquire the castle of Krak des Chevaliers in Syria.
1150 CE: A stone shell keep is built at Cardiff Castle, Wales .
1150 CE - 1175 CE: The Caesar's Tower castle keep at Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire, England is built.
1157 CE - 1169 CE: The tower keep of Scarborough Castle, Yorkshire, England is built.
1157 CE: The castle of Eltz, Germany is built by the counts of Eltz.
1165 CE - 1173 CE: Orford Castle, Suffolk, England is built and has a circular tower keep with attached rectangular turrets.
1168 CE - 1178 CE: A tower keep is added to Newcastle Castle, England.
1170 CE - 1189 CE: Henry II extends Dover Castle in southern England, adding outer walls and a keep.
1170 CE: Henry II builds the Round Tower of Windsor Castle, England.
1174 CE: The castle of Munzenberg, Hesse, Germany is built.
1180 CE - 1190 CE: The tower keep is built at Conisbrough Castle, Doncaster, England.
1180 CE: The Castle of the Counts of Flanders, Ghent, Belgium is built.
1180 CE - 1205 CE: Carrickfergus castle, Northern Ireland is built.
1186 CE: The Knights Hospitaller gain control of Marqab (Margat) castle in Syria.
1190 CE: Sir William Marshal begins rebuilding Chepstow Castle in Wales.
1190 CE - 1200 CE: The castle of Trim, the largest Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland is built.
1198 CE: Chateau Gaillard in Normandy, France is built by Richard I of England.
1199 CE - 1219 CE: Sir William Marshal adds a circular tower keep to Pembroke Castle, Wales.
1200 CE: The tower keep of Barnard Castle, County Durham, England is built.
1202 CE: An earthquake damages the castle of Krak des Chevaliers in Syria which is then rebuilt and enlarged by the Knights Hospitaller.
1205 CE: Philip II of France adds a tower keep to Chinon Castle, France.
1206 CE: A round tower keep is built into the curtain walls of Gisors, Normandy, France.
1207 CE - 1214 CE: King John adds towers to the walls of Dover Castle in southern England.
1216 CE: The castle of Calatrava la Nueva, Castile is built by the Order of Calatrava.
1218 CE: The Château Pèlerin ("Pilgrim Castle") is built in Israel by the Knights Templar.
1222 CE - 1235 CE: The Great Hall of Winchester Castle is built.
1223 CE: Work is begun on Montgomery Castle, Wales by Hubert de Burgh.
1225 CE: A circular tower keep is built at Chateau de Coucy, northern France
1230 CE - 1240 CE: The curtain walls and round towers of Angers Castle, central France, are built by Louis IX.
1233 CE: Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II rebuilds the castle of Bari, southern Italy.
1240 CE: Dirleton Castle, East Lothian, Scotland is built with a massive circular tower keep.
1245 CE: Clifford's Tower shell keep is built at York, England on the site of a former motte and bailey castle.
1250 CE - 1265 CE: A double-towered gatehouse is added to Tonbridge Castle, Kent, England by Richard de Clare.
1250 CE - 1260 CE: The castle of Najac in southern France is built.
1268 CE: Construction of Caerphilly Castle in Wales is begun by Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester.
1282 CE - 1289 CE: Harlech Castle in Wales is built by Edward I of England.
1282 CE: The Castel Nuovo of Naples, southern Italy is built by the Angevins.
1283 CE - 1292 CE: Conwy Castle in Wales is built by Edward I of England.
1283 CE - 1330 CE: Caernarfon Castle in Wales is built, a project begun by Edward I of England.
1283 CE - 1330 CE: Harlech Castle in Wales is built by Edward I of England.
1285 CE: A new Great Hall is completed at Chepstow Castle.
1287 CE - 1293 CE: The Marten's Tower is added to Chepstow Castle, Wales.
1290 CE: The castle of Falkenberg, Bavaria, Germany is built.
1295 CE: Beaumaris Castle in Wales is built by Edward I of England.
1322 CE: The Castle of Sarzanello, Pisa, Italy is built by Castruccio Castracane.
1341 CE: The Great Hall is built at Penshurst Castle, Kent, England.
1350 CE: The Caesar's Tower is built at Warwick Castle, Warwickshire, England.
1354 CE: Scalliger Castle, Verona, Italy is built by Can Grande II della Scala.
1380 CE: The Castello della Rocca of Cesena, Italy is built.
1385 CE: The Castello d'Este, Ferrara, Italy is built.
1385 CE: Bodiam Castle in East Sussex, England is built.
1390 CE - 1400 CE: The castle of Pierrefonds, northern France is built by Louis D'Orleans.
1412 CE: The Castello Sforzesco, Milan - the largest castle in Italy - is built by Francesco Sforza.
1450 CE: The castle of Peñafiel, northern Spain is built.
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