Visual Timeline: Massachusetts Bay Colony

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1628 CE - 1630 CE: Establishment of the Massachusetts Bay Colony led by Puritans seeking to evangelize the native population of North America.
1628 CE - 1691 CE: Duration of the Massachusetts Bay Colony; after 1691 known as the Province of Massachusetts Bay.
1630 CE - 1633 CE: Thomas Morton sues Plymouth Colony and Massachusetts Bay Colony to have their charters revoked; legal briefs of the lawsuit become the drafts of his book New English Canaan.
1630 CE: John Winthrop migrates to North America with 700 Puritan colonists to become governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony.
1630 CE - 1649 CE: John Winthrop serves as governor or assistant governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony.
1630 CE - 1636 CE: Dissent in Massachusetts Bay Colony silenced by banishing those who challenge authority.
1634 CE - 1636 CE: Roger Williams in conflict with magistrates of Massachusetts Bay Colony; banished in 1636 CE.
1636 CE - 1638 CE: The Pequot War; John Winthrop presides over policy concerning the massacre and enslavement of the Pequot tribe.
1638 CE: Anne Hutchinson banished from Massachusetts Bay Colony; founds Portsmouth, Rhode Island.
1675 CE - 1678 CE: King Philip's War in which thousands are killed as the Native Americans try to defend their land and way of life from increasing European colonization of the Americas.
1691 CE: Plymouth Colony is absorbed into the Massachusetts Bay Colony under the latter's new charter.
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