Visual Timeline: Marcus Aurelius

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120 CE 130 CE 140 CE 150 CE 160 CE 170 CE 180 CE  
121 CE - 180 CE: Life of Marcus Aurelius.
132 CE: Marcus Aurelius is introduced to philosophy by his teacher Diognetus.
138 CE: Marcus Aurelius adopted by Antoninus Pius as successor.
145 CE: Marcus Aurelius marries Faustina, daughter of Antoninus Pius.
161 CE - 166 CE: Parthian Wars with Rome; Lucius Verus commands Rome's forces in the field.
161 CE - 180 CE: Reign of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius.
161 CE - 169 CE: Marcus Aurelius rules with Lucius Verus.
162 CE - 166 CE: Marcus Aurelius persecutes new sect of Christianity.
166 CE: Lucius Verus and Marcus Aurelius celebrate a shared triumph, both are hailed as Pater Patriae.
168 CE: Germanic tribes cross the Danube into the Roman Empire.
169 CE: Lucius Verus dies.
169 CE - 177 CE: Marcus Aurelius rules alone.
170 CE - 180 CE: Marcus Aurelius leads campaigns against the Germanic tribes; writes his famous Meditations.
175 CE: Marcus Aurelius tours eastern provinces of empire; his wife Faustina dies.
176 CE: A huge bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius on horseback is erected in Rome.
177 CE - 180 CE: Marcus Aurelius rules with Commodus.
180 CE: The Column of Marcus Aurelius and Faustina is erected in Rome. It depicts in relief sculpture the emperors' campaigns across the Danube.
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