Visual Timeline: Magna Graecia

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740 BCE - 433 BCE: Greek poleis or city-states establish colonies in Magna Graecia.
740 BCE: Chalcis and Kyme found the colony of Cumae in Magna Graecia.
720 BCE: Sybaris in Magna Graecia founded by Archaean settlers.
720 BCE: Metapontum in Magna Graecia is found by Achaeans.
710 BCE: Croton in Magna Graecia founded by Archaean settlers.
706 BCE: Sparta founds the colony of Tarentum in Magna Graecia.
580 BCE: Agrigento in Sicily is founded by colonists from Gela, Crete and Rhodes.
570 BCE - 530 BCE: The Doric Temple of Hera is built at Metapontum, Magna Graecia.
540 BCE: Phocaea founds Elea in Magna Graecia.
491 BCE - 478 BCE: Reign of Gelon, tyrant of Gela on Sicily.
490 BCE: Tarentum wins victories against the Messapians and Peucetians in Magna Graecia.
489 BCE - 473 BCE: The tyrant Theron rules Agrigento.
480 BCE: Agrigento defeats Carthage at the battle of Himera.
480 BCE: The huge temple of Zeus is built at Agrigento.
480 BCE: Tarentum wins victories against the Messapians and Peucetians in Magna Graecia.
475 BCE: The Messapians inflict a heavy defeat on Tarentum in Magna Graecia.
450 BCE - 430 BCE: The Temple of Concordia is built at Agrigento.
443 BCE: Thurii in Magna Graecia founded by Athenian settlers.
440 BCE: Brundisium and Thurii form an alliance in southern Italy.
433 BCE: Tarentum founds Heraclea in Magna Graecia.
433 BCE: The colony of Heraclea in Magna Graecia is founded by Tarentum.
406 BCE: Agrigento is attacked and destroyed by Carthage.
338 BCE: Timoleon agrees a peace treaty with Carthage over their control of Sicily.
282 BCE: Gela, on Sicily, is destroyed by Phintias, the tyrant of Agrigento.
270 BCE: Rome occupies Tarentum in Magna Graecia.
262 BCE: Rome besieges and sacks Agrigento on Sicily in one of the first actions of the First Punic War.
210 BCE: Rome attacks Agrigento.
209 BCE: Tarentum comes under Roman control during the Second Punic War.
89 BCE: All poleis or city-states in Magna Graecia come under Roman control.
470 CE - 385 CE: Life of the philosopher Philolaus, active in Magna Graecia.
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