Visual Timeline: Macbeth King of Scotland

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1000 CE 1010 CE 1020 CE 1030 CE 1040 CE 1050 CE 1060 CE 1070 CE 1080 CE 1090 CE  
1005 CE: Macbeth Macfinlay, future king of Scotland, is born.
1032 CE: Macbeth Macfinlay becomes the Mormaer of Moray in northern Scotland.
1032 CE: Macbeth Macfinlay marries Gruoch, the granddaughter of Kenneth III of Scotland.
1034 CE - 1040 CE: Reign of Duncan I of Scotland.
1040 CE - 1057 CE: Reign of Macbeth Macfinlay, king of Scotland.
1040 CE: Duncan I of Scotland is killed in battle at Pitgaveny and so Macbeth Macfinlay takes the throne.
1045 CE: Macbeth, king of Scotland, defeats a rebel army at Dunkeld led by Duncan I’s father Crinán.
1046 CE: Siward, Earl of Northumbria, invades and defeats an army of Macbeth, king of Scotland.
1050 CE: Macbeth, king of Scotland, goes on a pilgrimage to Rome.
1054 CE: An English army invades Scotland.
1054 CE: An English army defeats Macbeth, king of Scotland at Dunsinane.
1057 CE: Macbeth, king of Scotland, is fatally wounded in a skirmish at Lumphanan against supporters of future Malcolm III of Scotland.
1057 CE: Macbeth, king of Scotland, dies from battle wounds.
1057 CE: Lulach, stepson of Macbeth Macfinlay, becomes the king of Scotland.
1057 CE - 1058 CE: Reign of Lulach as king of Scotland.
1058 CE - 1093 CE: Reign of Malcolm III of Scotland.
1000 CE 1010 CE 1020 CE 1030 CE 1040 CE 1050 CE 1060 CE 1070 CE 1080 CE