Visual Timeline: Kublai Khan

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1206 CE - 1368 CE: The Mongol Empire rules in Central and East Asia.
1215 CE: Birth of Kublai Khan, son of Tolui and grandson of Genghis Khan.
1257 CE: The Mongols invade Vietnam.
1260 CE - 1294 CE: Reign of Kublai Khan, ruler of the Mongol Empire.
1260 CE - 1264 CE: Kublai Khan fights a civil war with his brother Ariq Boke for control of the Mongol Empire.
1262 CE: Kublai Khan captures Karakorum after his rival Ariq Boke (1219-1266 CE) used it as his base.
1263 CE - 1273 CE: Xanadu is the capital of the Mongol Empire.
1268 CE: Kublai Khan resumes the Mongol attacks on Song Dynasty China.
1270 CE: Part of northern Korea is conquered by the Mongol Empire.
1271 CE - 1368 CE: The Mongol Yuan Dynasty, founded by Kublai Khan, rules China.
1273 CE: Xiangyang falls into Mongol hands.
1274 CE: The first invasion of Japan by the Mongol ruler Kublai Khan fails.
1274 CE - 1364 CE: Xanadu is the summer capital of the Mongol Empire.
1275 CE - 1292 CE: Marco Polo serves Kublai Khan in Mongol Yuan Dynasty China.
1276 CE: Lin'an, the capital of the Song Dynasty, is captured by a Mongol army.
1277 CE: The Mongols/Yuan Dynasty invade Burma.
1279 CE: The Mongols complete their conquest of Song Dynasty China with victory at the naval battle at Yaishan.
1281 CE: The second invasion of Japan by the Mongol ruler/Yuan dynasty emperor Kublai Khan fails.
1281 CE: The Mongols/Yuan Dynasty China invade Vietnam for a second time.
1286 CE: The Mongols/Yuan Dynasty China re-invade Vietnam.
1287 CE: The Mongols/Yuan Dynasty China re-invade Burma.
1292 CE: A Mongol/Yuan Dynasty naval force attacks Java.
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