Visual Timeline: Knights Templar

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1119 CE: Foundation of the military order the Knights Templar.
1120 CE: Baldwin II gives the Knights Templar his palace at Temple Mount Jerusalem for use as their headquarters.
1129 CE: The Knights Templar achieves official recognition from Pope Honorius II as a military order.
1147 CE: The Knights Templar's first military engagement during the Second Crusade.
1153 CE: The Knights Templar acquire the castle at Miravet in north-east Spain.
1218 CE: The Château Pèlerin ("Pilgrim Castle") is built in Israel by the Knights Templar.
1307 CE: King Philip IV of France makes an attack on the medieval military order the Knights Templar.
1310 CE: Accused of heresy, a trial against the Knights Templar in Paris results in 54 members of the order being burned at the stake.
1312 CE: Pope Clement V officially abolishes the medieval military order the Knights Templar.
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