Visual Timeline: King John of England

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1160 CE 1170 CE 1180 CE 1190 CE 1200 CE 1210 CE  
1167 CE: Birth of King John of England, son of Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine.
1185 CE: Henry II of England sends his son John to rule Ireland with the title of 'Lord of Ireland'.
1188 CE - 1189 CE: Future Richard I of England, his brother future King John of England and Philip II of France rebel against Henry II of England
1189 CE: King John of England marries Isabella of Gloucester.
1194 CE: Richard I of England returns to England and nominates his brother John as his official successor.
1199 CE - 1216 CE: Reign of King John of England.
1199 CE: King John of England is crowned in Westminster Abbey.
1200 CE: King John of England marries Isabella of Angouleme.
1206 CE: King John spends 115 pounds improving Rochester Castle.
1207 CE - 1214 CE: King John adds towers to the walls of Dover Castle in southern England.
1209 CE: The Treaty of Norham establishes King John of England's overlordship over William I of Scotland.
1209 CE: Pope Innocent III excommunicates King John of England over a dispute over the nomination of the Archbishop of Canterbury.
1210 CE: King John of England quashes a rebellion in Ireland.
1211 CE: King John of England defeats Llywelyn of Gwynedd, aka Llywelyn the Great, in battle.
1212 CE: Prince Alexander, future Alexander II of Scotland, is knighted by King John of England in Westminster.
1214 CE: An army of King John of England is defeated by King Philip II of France at Bouvines.
1215 CE - 1217 CE: First Barons' War between King John of England and rebel barons.
1215 CE: The Magna Carta is signed by King John of England.
1215 CE: King John successfully besieges Rochester Castle, then held by rebel barons.
1216 CE: Prince Louis of France briefly captures Rochester Castle.
1216 CE: King John of England and Alexander II of Scotland exchange raids into each other's territory.
1216 CE: Alexander II of Scotland meets Prince Louis, claimant to the English throne, in Canterbury.
1216 CE: Death of King John of England of dysentery.
1216 CE: Henry III of England is crowned king in Gloucester Cathedral.
1160 CE 1170 CE 1180 CE 1190 CE 1200 CE 1210 CE