Visual Timeline: John Calvin

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1509 CE - 1564 CE: Life of Protestant theologian and Reformer John Calvin.
1511 CE: John Calvin attends school in Paris, learns Latin.
1525 CE: John Calvin's father encourages him to study law instead of pursuing the priesthood.
1529 CE - 1533 CE: John Calvin converts from Roman Catholicism to the Reformed Protestant vision of Christianity.
1532 CE: John Calvin receives his law license.
1536 CE: John Calvin publishes the first version of The Institutes of the Christian Religion.
1536 CE - 1538 CE: John Calvin and William Farel work to establish the Reformation in Geneva.
1538 CE - 1541 CE: John Calvin writes and preaches in Strasbourg.
1540 CE: John Calvin marries the widow Idelette de Bure.
1541 CE: John Calvin returns to Geneva where he remains the rest of his life.
1549 CE: John Calvin's wife, Idelette, dies of illness.
1553 CE: John Calvin condemns Michael Servetus as a heretic; Servetus is burned.
1555 CE: John Calvin's political opponents, the libertines, are ousted; Calvin becomes the most powerful authority in Geneva.
1564 CE: John Calvin dies of illness at Geneva.
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