Visual Timeline: Hilda of Whitby

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614 CE - 680 CE: Life of Hilda of Whitby.
616 CE - 633 CE: Hilda of Whitby and her sister Hereswith raised at the court of King Edwin of Northumbria.
627 CE: Hilda of Whitby converts to Christianity along with Edwin's court.
633 CE - 647 CE: Hilda of Whitby in exile in Kent following Edwin's death.
647 CE: Hilda of Whitby returns to Northumbria, establishes convent on River Wear.
649 CE: Hilda of Whitby is Abbess of Hartlepool Abbey.
657 CE: Hilda of Whitby, granted 1200 acres by King Oswiu of Northumbria, founds Whitby Abbey.
664 CE: Hilda of Whitby hosts and presides over the Synod of Whitby and establishes Roman Catholicism in Britain.
679 CE: Hilda of Whitby founds convent at Hackness.
680 CE: Hilda of Whitby dies at the monastery she founded at age 66.
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