Visual Timeline: Hellenistic Warfare

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334 BCE: Sardis surrenders to Alexander the Great.
323 BCE - 282 BCE: Rule of Ptolemy I Soter.
323 BCE: Death of Alexander the Great.
322 BCE - 275 BCE: The Wars of the Diadochi, also known as the Wars of Alexander's Successors.
322 BCE: Demetrius I flees Phrygia with his father Antigonus I.
321 BCE - 315 BCE: Seleucos rules the satrapy of Babylon.
319 BCE: Death of Antipater, regent of Macedon.
317 BCE: Demetrius I commands his father's cavalry units at the battles of Paraetacene and Gabiene in Persia.
316 BCE: Satrap of Persis Peucestas is defeated at the Gabiene Battle, alongside of Eumenes. Evagros is appointed in Persis by Antigonus I Monopthalmus.
316 BCE: Thessalonica is founded by Cassander.
314 BCE: Antigonus I establishes the League of Islanders which includes Delos.
312 BCE: Seleucos conquers Babylon and founds the Seleucid dynasty.
312 BCE: Evagros is killed in battle by Seleucos I. Persis comes under Seleucid rule.
312 BCE: Demetrius I of Macedon loses the Battle of Giza against Ptolemy I and Seleucus I Nicator.
309 BCE - 308 BCE: Agathocles of Syracuse successfuly campaigns in North Africa defeating Carthaginian armies and taking Utica and Hippacra.
309 BCE: Lysimachus founds the city of Lysimachia to secure the Dardanelles.
306 BCE: Demetrius I of Macedon defeats Ptolemy's fleet at Salamis, off the coast of Cyprus.
305 BCE: Emperor Chandragupta signs a treaty with Seleucos I, establishing borders and giving the Punjab to Chandragupta in return for 500 war elephants.
305 BCE - 297 BCE: Cassander is self-proclaimed king of Macedon.
301 BCE: The Battle of Ipsus in central Phrygia where Lysimachus and Seleucos I defeat Antigonus I and Demetrius I of Macedon.
295 BCE: Seleucos I makes an alliance with local Persis dynast, Ardaxsir, becoming the first frataraka of Persis.
295 BCE: Demetrius I campaigns in central Greece, removes the tyrant Lachares from Athens and defeats Sparta.
294 BCE - 288 BCE: Demetrius I rules as king of Macedon.
292 BCE: Lysimachus is captured by Dromichaites, the king of Getae and forced to surrender Trans-Danubian territories.
288 BCE: Pyrrhus of Epirus becomes ruler of Macedon.
288 BCE: When his army deserts him Demetrius I flees Macedon.
285 BCE: Demetrius I surrenders to Seleucus I and lives as a prsioner for three years until his death.
284 BCE: Lysimachus drives Pyrrhus out of Macedon.
281 BCE: Lysimachus is defeated by Seleucus I Nicator at Corupedium.
280 BCE - 275 BCE: King Pyrrhus of Epirus wages the Pyrrhic War against the Romans in Italy, defence of Tarentum being the pretext.
273 BCE: Pyrrhus of Epirus attacks Macedon and Sparta.
272 BCE: Death of Pyrrhus of Epirus in a street battle in Argos.
241 BCE - 197 BCE: Reign of Attalus I at Pergamon.
222 BCE: The Achaean League and Antigonos III of Macedon defeat Sparta at Sellasia.
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