Visual Timeline: Grace O'Malley

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1530 CE 1540 CE 1550 CE 1560 CE 1570 CE 1580 CE 1590 CE 1600 CE  
1530 CE - 1603 CE: Life of Grace O'Malley.
1546 CE: Grace O'Malley marries Donal O'Flaherty.
1565 CE: Donal O'Flaherty is killed in ambush; Grace O'Malley moves with her children back to ancestral lands.
1566 CE: Grace O'Malley marries chieftain Richard Burke, and the two become partners in business.
1577 CE - 1579 CE: Grace O'Malley imprisoned in Limerick and then at Dublin Castle.
1583 CE: Richard Burke, Grace O'Malley's second husband, dies.
1585 CE: Sir Richard Bingham begins his persecution of the Irish, including Grace O'Malley and her family.
1593 CE: Grace O'Malley meets with Queen Elizabeth I to free her sons from prison and guarantee her own safety.
1603 CE: Grace O'Malley dies of natural causes at one of her castles.
1530 CE 1540 CE 1550 CE 1560 CE 1570 CE 1580 CE 1590 CE