Visual Timeline: Goryeo

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918 CE - 1392 CE: The Goryeo Dynasty rules in Korea.
918 CE - 943 CE: Reign of Goryeo founder King Taejo (formerly Wang Geon).
935 CE: The last Silla king, Gyeongsun, surrenders to Wang Geon ruler of Goryeo.
992 CE: The school system in Goryeo is centralised.
994 CE: The Khitan Liao dynasty invades the Korean peninsula.
996 CE: The first Korean coins are minted by the Goryeo Dynasty.
1033 CE: Goryeo wins a decisive battle against the northern Khitan tribes.
1097 CE: The Goryeo king, Sukjong, mints copper coins in Korea.
1101 CE: The unbyong (aka hwalgu) silver vases are first made and used as currency in Korea.
1102 CE: The Goryeo king, Sukjong, mints a second issue of copper coins in Korea.
1126 CE: A rebellion led by the king's father-in-law I Jagyeom is quashed in Goryeo.
1126 CE: The Goryeo kingdom of Korea submits to vassal status towards the Jurchen Jin dynasty.
1135 CE: A rebellion led by the monk Myocheong is quashed in Goryeo.
1145 CE: The 'Samguk sagi' ('History of the Three Kingdoms') is written by Gim Busik in Goryeo.
1170 CE: The military stages a coup in Goryeo. King Uijong is replaced by his brother Myeongjong as a puppet sovereign.
1219 CE: A Goryeo army allies with the Mongols to attack the Khitan in northern Korea.
1231 CE - 1232 CE: Ogedei Khan leads a Mongol invasion into Korea.
1234 CE: Movable metal type printing is invented in Goryeo, Korea.
1258 CE: An uprising restores the monarchy in Korea and makes peace with the Mongol Empire.
1285 CE: The Samguk yusa ('Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms') is written by Iryeon in Korea.
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