Visual Timeline: Giovanni Boccaccio

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1310 CE 1320 CE 1330 CE 1340 CE 1350 CE 1360 CE 1370 CE  
1313 CE - 1375 CE: Life of the Italian poet, writer, and scholar Giovanni Boccaccio.
1328 CE: Giovanni Boccaccio is sent by his father to study in Naples.
1335 CE - 1341 CE: Giovanni Boccaccio writes his first poetry work, including Diana's Hunt, The Lovestruck, and Teseida.
1340 CE: Giovanni Boccaccio returns to Florence.
1347 CE - 1352 CE: The Black Death plague sweeps across Europe.
1350 CE: The Italian authors and scholars Petrarch and Giovanni Boccaccio first meet. They become lifelong friends.
1353 CE: Giovanni Boccaccio completes his masterpiece, the Decameron.
1355 CE: Giovanni Boccaccio writes a biography of Dante Alighieri. He revises the work in 1364 CE.
1360 CE: Giovanni Boccaccio works on his Ancestry of the Pagan Gods (Genealogia Deorum Gentilium).
1373 CE: Giovanni Boccaccio gives a series of public lectures in Florence on the work of Dante Alighieri.
1375 CE: Giovanni Boccaccio dies in Certaldo, Tuscany.
1310 CE 1320 CE 1330 CE 1340 CE 1350 CE 1360 CE 1370 CE