Visual Timeline: Germanicus

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20 BCE 10 BCE 0 CE 10 CE  
15 BCE - 19 CE: Life of Roman general Germanicus.
7 CE: Germanicus is made quaestor.
12 CE: Germanicus is made consul for the first time.
15 CE: Germanicus leads 12,000 men across the Rhine to attack the Chatti.
17 CE: Roman emperor Tiberius grants Germanicus a Triumph for his military victories across the Rhine.
18 CE: Germanicus and his consort Agrippina the Elder visit the ancient city of Assos.
18 CE: Roman general Germanicus is made consul for the second time.
19 CE: Roman general Germanicus dies at Antioch.
20 BCE 10 BCE 0 CE 10 CE