Visual Timeline: Freya Stark

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1893 CE - 1993 CE: Life of explorer and writer Freya Stark.
1912 CE - 1914 CE: Freya Stark attends college in London studying languages.
1914 CE - 1918 CE: Freya Stark serves as a nurse in World War I.
1927 CE: Freya Stark leaves Europe for the Near East.
1928 CE: Freya Stark publishes her first article.
1930 CE - 1940 CE: Freya Stark travels through the Near East.
1933 CE: Freya Stark publishes her first book, Bagdad Sketches.
1940 CE: Freya Stark founds the Brotherhood of Freedom to promote liberty and equality.
1943 CE: Freya Stark embarks on a speaking tour of the USA.
1947 CE: Freya Stark marries Stewart Perowne; they would later separate but never divorce.
1951 CE - 1972 CE: Freya Stark continues to travel around the world and publish books.
1972 CE - 1993 CE: Freya Stark continues to travel and write until her death at 100 years old.
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