Visual Timeline: Etruscan Civilization

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1100 BCE - 900 BCE: Proto-Villanovan culture in central Italy.
900 BCE - 750 BCE: Villanovan culture in central Italy.
800 BCE: Beginning of the Etruscan civilization in Italy.
700 BCE - 300 BCE: The Etruscan city of Vulci flourishes as a trade and manufacturing centre.
680 BCE - 660 BCE: The Etruscan Regolini-Galassi Tomb is constructed at Cerveteri.
675 BCE: First instances of Etruscan bucchero wares are found at Cerveteri.
675 BCE - 626 BCE: Fine bucchero pottery style in Etruria.
625 BCE - 575 BCE: Transitional bucchero pottery style in Etruria.
575 BCE - 480 BCE: Heavy bucchero pottery style in Etruria.
540 BCE: A joint Carthaginian and Cerveteri force wins the Battle of the Sardinian Sea against the Phocaeans.
539 BCE: Etruscan & Carthaginian alliance expels the Greeks from Corsica.
535 BCE: Battle of Alalia. Carthaginian navy, in alliance with Etruscans, defeated Greek ships off the island of Corsica.
530 BCE - 520 BCE: The Etruscan Tomb of the Lionesses is constructed at Tarquinia.
510 BCE: The Etruscan Portonaccio Temple is constructed at Veii.
500 BCE - 400 BCE: The Etruscan bronze statue known as the 'Chimera of Arezzo' is sculpted.
500 BCE: Etruscan Acquarossa is destroyed and definitively abandoned.
475 BCE: Celts defeat the Etruscans at the Ticino River.
474 BCE: An Etruscan fleet is defeated by the navy of Syracuse at the Battle of Cumae.
400 BCE: Celts enter Italy and settle in the Po Valley.
396 BCE: Roman expansion begins with the capture of Veii from the Etruscans.
396 BCE: Celts defeat an Etruscan army at the battle of Melpum. Afterwards the Celts heavily settle all over the Po Valley.
396 BCE: Rome sacks the Etruscan town of Veii after a ten-year siege.
394 BCE: Etruscan Volsinii and their ally Sappinum unsuccessfully attacks Rome.
391 BCE: Senones besiege Clusium, an Etruscan city.
384 BCE: Syracuse attacks the ports of the Etruscan city of Cerveteri.
356 BCE: 307 Roman prisoners are sacrificed in the forum of the Etruscan city of Tarquinia.
350 BCE: The paintings of the Etruscan Francois Tomb at Vulci are created.
298 BCE - 290 BCE: Third Samnite War. Victory for Rome, peace with the Etruscans.
294 BCE: A Roman army led by L. Postimius Megellus defeats an army from Etruscan Volsinii.
283 BCE: Romans defeat the Etruscans and Celts at lake Vadimo.
280 BCE: The Romans conquer the Etruscan cities of Tarquinia, Volsinii and Vulci.
264 BCE: Etruscan Volsinii is sacked by the Romans and its residents relocated to Bolsena.
225 BCE: Celts defeat 6000 Romans at Faesulae and proceed to overrun Etruria.
82 BCE - 80 BCE: Volterra is besieged and sacked by Roman general Sulla.
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