Visual Timeline: Emperor Xuanzong of Tang

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680 CE 690 CE 700 CE 710 CE 720 CE 730 CE 740 CE 750 CE 760 CE 770 CE 780 CE 790 CE 800 CE  
685 CE - 762 CE: Life of Li Longji, Emperor Xuanzong of China.
712 CE - 756 CE: Reign of Xuanzong, 7th emperor of the Tang Dynasty in China.
737 CE: Chinese emperor Xuanzong appoints Li Longji as chancellor; Li Longji betrays the emperor's trust.
741 CE: Chinese Emperor Xuanzong falls in love with Lady Yang. Begins promoting Yang family to important posts.
755 CE: General An Lushan rebels against Tang Dynasty abuses in China.
755 CE: Lady Yang and her family executed by Xuanzong's generals for abuses of power in China.
756 CE: Chinese emperor Xuanzong abdicates in favor of his son Suzong.
762 CE: Death of Chinese emperor Xuanzong.
806 CE: Tragic love affair of Xuanzong and Lady Yang immortalized in Chinese poem "Song of Everlasting Sorrow" by Bai Juyi.
680 CE 700 CE 720 CE 740 CE 760 CE 780 CE