Visual Timeline: Egyptian Art

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6000 BCE - 3150 BCE: Art develops during the Predynastic Period in Egypt.
3150 BCE - 2613 BCE: Artwork becomes more elaborate during the Early Dynastic Period in Egypt.
3150 BCE: The Narmer Palette is created, a high point in Egyptian art of the period.
2670 BCE: Imhotep creates King Djoser's Step Pyramid and Pyramid Complex at Saqqara, Egypt.
2613 BCE - 2181 BCE: Art becomes standardized by the king during the Old Kingdom of Egypt.
2500 BCE: Egyptians invent the technique of filigree in the manufacture of gold objects.
2181 BCE - 2040 BCE: Art is mass-produced during the First Intermediate Period of Egypt.
2040 BCE - 1782 BCE: Art reaches its greatest height during the Middle Kingdom of Egypt.
1782 BCE - 1570 BCE: Art is influenced by the Hyksos and Nubians during the Second Intermediate Period of Egypt.
1570 BCE - 1069 BCE: Styles and techniques of other cultures influence Egyptian art during the period of the New Kingdom. Some of the most famous works created.
1550 BCE - 1070 BCE: Composition of the Egyptian Book of the Dead.
1370 BCE - 1336 BCE: Life of Egyptian queen Nefertiti.
1279 BCE - 1212 BCE: Reign of Ramesses II (The Great) in Egypt.
1264 BCE - 1244 BCE: Probable dates for the construction of Abu Simbel.
1244 BCE - 1224 BCE: Other probable dates for the construction of Abu Simbel.
1069 BCE - 525 BCE: The artwork of the Third Intermediate Period of Egypt tries to carry on New Kingdom standards with varying levels of success.
525 BCE - 332 BCE: Art of the Late Period of Ancient Egypt is influenced by Persian and Kushite rule.
323 BCE - 30 BCE: Egyptian art fuses with Greek styles during the Ptolemaic Dynasty.
30 BCE - 646 CE: Egyptian art combines with Roman in Roman Egypt.
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