Visual Timeline: David II of Scotland

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1324 CE: David Bruce, future David II of Scotland, is born in Dunfermline.
1328 CE: David Bruce, future David II of Scotland, marries Joan, daughter of Edward II of England.
1329 CE - 1371 CE: Reign of David II of Scotland.
1331 CE: David II of Scotland is crowned at Scone Abbey.
1332 CE: Edward Balliol invades Scotland and defeats the royal Scottish army at Dupplin Moor near Perth.
1332 CE: Edward Balliol is crowned King of Scotland at Scone Abbey.
1332 CE: David II of Scotland's supporters win a battle at Annan obliging Edward Balliol to retreat to York.
1333 CE: Edward III of England wins a victory against the Scots loyal to David II of Scotland at the Battle of Halidon Hill.
1334 CE: David II of Scotland flees to France after Edward Balliol declares himself king for a second time.
1336 CE: Edward Balliol is removed from the Scottish throne by Robert Stewart and barons loyal to David II of Scotland.
1337 CE - 1453 CE: The Hundred Years' War between England and France.
1341 CE: David II of Scotland returns to Scotland from exile in France.
1346 CE - 1357 CE: Robert Stewart, the King's Lieutenant, rules Scotland on behalf of David II of Scotland.
1346 CE: David II of Scotland, ally of Philip VI of France, invades northern England.
1346 CE: An English army defeats the Scots at the Battle of Neville‚Äôs Cross near Durham and captures David II of Scotland.
1357 CE: The Treaty of Berwick between England and Scotland releases David II of Scotland from his captivity under Edward III of England.
1363 CE: Robert Stewart launches an unsuccessful coup against David II of Scotland.
1371 CE: David II of Scotland dies in Edinburgh Castle.
1375 CE: David's Tower is completed at Edinburgh Castle, a project begun by David II of Scotland.
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