Visual Timeline: Claude Monet

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1840 CE - 1926 CE: Life of the impressionist painter Claude Monet.
1840 CE: Claude Monet is born in Paris.
1845 CE: Claude Monet's parents move to Le Havre.
1858 CE: Claude Monet produces his first outdoor painting, 'View from Rouelles'.
1859 CE: Claude Monet moves to Paris to become a painter.
1861 CE: Claude Monet is conscripted into the French army and is sent to North Africa.
1862 CE: Claude Monet is invalided home from North Africa, and he resumes his studies in Paris to become a painter.
1864 CE: Clade Monet and Frédéric Bazille share a studio in Paris.
1866 CE: Claude Monet's 'Woman in a Green Dress' is accepted by the Paris Salon.
1867 CE: Claude Monet and his model/lover Camille-Léonie Doncieux have a son.
1870 CE: Claude Monet marries Camille-Léonie Doncieux.
1870 CE: Claude Monet spends some months in London and meets the art dealer Paul Durand-Ruel.
1872 CE: Claude Monet produces his first masterpiece, 'Impression, Sunrise'.
1874 CE: Edouard Manet and Claude Monet spend time together painting at Argenteuil on the Seine.
1874 CE: Claude Monet exhibits 12 works at the First Impressionist Exhibition in Paris.
1877 CE: Claude Monet paints a series of paintings at Paris' Gare Saint-Lazare.
1879 CE: Claude Monet's wife Camille-Léonie Doncieux dies.
1880 CE: Claude Monet's 'Sunset on the Seine at Lavacourt' is accepted by the Paris Salon.
1881 CE: Claude Monet lives with the married Alice Hoschedé.
1883 CE - 1884 CE: Claude Monet visits the south of France and Italy to paint.
1883 CE: Claude Monet sets up home at Giverny.
1889 CE: Claude Monet paints his Creuse Valley series.
1890 CE - 1891 CE: Claude Monet paints his haystacks series.
1892 CE - 1894 CE: Claude Monet paints his Rouen Cathedral series.
1892 CE: Claude Monet marries Alice Hoschedé.
1899 CE - 1901 CE: Claude Monet takes three trips to London to paint 85 canvases of the city.
1903 CE: Claude Monet begins his long series of paintings of his Japanese garden at Giverny.
1908 CE: Claude Monet visits Venice to paint.
1911 CE: Claude Monet's wife Alice dies.
1926 CE: Claude Monet dies of pulmonary sclerosis at his home in Giverny.
1840 CE 1850 CE 1860 CE 1870 CE 1880 CE 1890 CE 1900 CE 1910 CE 1920 CE