Visual Timeline: Cerdic

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490 CE 500 CE 510 CE 520 CE 530 CE  
495 CE: Cerdic lands in Britain with his son Cynric, founds Wessex.
508 CE: Cerdic expands his kingdom through conquest.
514 CE: Arrival of more West Saxons in Wessex who fight for Cerdic.
519 CE - 534 CE: Reign of Cerdic of Wessex.
519 CE: Cerdic is crowned King of Wessex.
527 CE - 530 CE: Further expansion of the Kingdom of Wessex under Cerdic.
534 CE: Death of Cerdic who is succeeded by his son, Cynric.
490 CE 500 CE 510 CE 520 CE 530 CE