Visual Timeline: Cao Cao

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150 CE 160 CE 170 CE 180 CE 190 CE 200 CE 210 CE 220 CE  
155 CE - 220 CE: Life of Cao Cao, Chinese military dictator and founder of the Wei state.
184 CE: The Yellow Turban rebellion breaks out when local government offices are attacked across China.
205 CE: Cao Cao takes over the former Han government and appoints himself chancellor, in effect, a military dictator.
215 CE: Cao Cao represses for good the Yellow Turban rebellion in China.
216 CE: Cao Cao declares himself king of the Wei, the state which governed large parts of the former Han empire.
220 CE: Death of the North China military dictator Cao Cao.
150 CE 160 CE 170 CE 180 CE 190 CE 200 CE 210 CE