Visual Timeline: Baekje

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57 BCE - 668 CE: Three Kingdoms Period in Korea (Silla, Goguryeo, and Baekje).
18 BCE: Traditional founding date of the Baekje kingdom in Korea.
18 BCE - 660 CE: The Baekje Kingdom rules in western Korea.
234 CE - 286 CE: Reign of Baekje king Goi in western Korea.
314 CE: Baekje conquers the Taebang commando in Korea.
346 CE - 375 CE: Reign of the Baekje king Guenchogo in western Korea.
371 CE: Baekje conquers the Mahan federation and attacks Pyongyang, killing the Goguryeo king Gogugwon.
375 CE: The Sogi, a history of the Baekje Kingdom in Korea, is written.
375 CE - 384 CE: Reign of Baekje king Geungusu in western Korea.
384 CE: Buddhism is adopted as the state religion by the Baekje kingdom of western Korea.
384 CE - 385 CE: Reign of Baekje king Chimnyu in western Korea.
433 CE - 553 CE: Baekje forms an alliance with the Silla kingdom in Korea.
475 CE: Goguryeo attacks the Baekje kingdom, killing the king Gaero and forcing the abandonment of Hansong, his capital.
475 CE: A new Baekje capital is established at Ungjin (modern Gongju/Kongju).
479 CE - 501 CE: Reign of Baekje king Dongseong in western Korea.
501 CE - 523 CE: The Baekje king Muryeong reigns in western Korea.
523 CE - 554 CE: Reign of Baekje king Seong in western Korean.
525 CE: The tomb of King Muryeong of Baekje is built near Gongju, Korea.
538 CE: A new Baekje capital is established at Sabi (modern Buyeo/Puyo).
554 CE: The Silla kingdom attacks the Baekje kingdom and occupies the lower Han River valley.
554 CE: At the battle of Gwansan Fortress (modern Okcheon) the Baekje army is defeated by the Silla and King Seong is killed.
600 CE - 641 CE: The Baekje king Mu reigns in western Korea.
642 CE: The Baekje and Goguryeo kingdoms join forces against the Silla and conquer Taeya-song (modern Hapchon).
660 CE: The Baekje kingdom in Korea falls to a joint Silla and Chinese Tang Dynasty army and naval attack.
663 CE: A rebel Baekje army is finally crushed by the Silla in Korea, ending the Baekje kingdom.
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