Visual Timeline: Aztec Art

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1340 CE 1350 CE 1360 CE 1370 CE 1380 CE 1390 CE 1400 CE 1410 CE 1420 CE 1430 CE 1440 CE 1450 CE 1460 CE 1470 CE 1480 CE 1490 CE 1500 CE 1510 CE 1520 CE  
1345 CE - 1521 CE: The Aztec civilization flourishes in Mesoamerica.
1427 CE: The Sun Stone depicting the ages of the five suns of Aztec mythology is carved and set up at Tenochtitlan.
1473 CE: The Coyolxauhqui Stone is carved depicting the Aztec goddess Coyolxauhqui, dismembered by the god Huitzilopochtli.
1485 CE: The Stone of Tizoc is carved depicting the Aztec king Tizoc attacking warriors from the Matlatzinca.
1502 CE: The large stone marker depicting the Aztec goddess Tlaltecuhtli is carved at Tenochtitlan.
1507 CE: The Throne of Motecuhzoma II is carved. Also known as the Monument of Sacred War.
1519 CE: Motecuhzoma II has an image carved of himself on the hillside at Chapultepec.
1340 CE 1360 CE 1380 CE 1400 CE 1420 CE 1440 CE 1460 CE 1480 CE 1500 CE