Visual Timeline: Artashat

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200 BCE - 160 BCE: Reign of Artaxias I, founder of the Artaxiad dynasty in Armenia.
188 BCE: Artaxata replaces Erebuni as the Armenian capital.
176 BCE: Artashat (Artaxata) is made the new capital of Armenia by Artaxias I.
83 BCE: Armenian king Tigranes II founds a new capital at Tigranocerta (aka Tigranakert).
69 BCE: Licinius Lucullus leads a Roman army which defeats Armenian king Tigranes II and his capital Tigranocerta is captured. Artashat becomes the capital again.
66 BCE: A Roman army led by Pompey the Great besieges Artashat in Armenia.
34 BCE: Roman general Mark Antony attacks Artashat in Armenia.
58 CE: The Roman general Corbulo captures the Armenian capital Artashat without a fight.
166 CE: A Roman army sacks the Armenia capital of Artashat.
368 CE: The Sasanian ruler Shapur II sacks the Armenian city of Artashat.
562 CE: Artashat in Armenia is confirmed as an official trading post between Persia and the Byzantine Empire.
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