Visual Timeline: Andreas Karlstadt

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1486 CE - 1541 CE: Life of Reformer and theologian Andreas Karlstadt.
1499 CE - 1505 CE: Andreas Karlstadt is educated at universities of Erfurt and Cologne.
1510 CE: Andreas Karlstadt is archdeacon and head of Department of Theology at Wittenberg.
1512 CE: Andreas Karlstadt awards young Martin Luther his doctorate degree at Wittenberg.
1515 CE - 1516 CE: Andreas Karlstadt travels to Rome to study, and receive, his law degree.
1517 CE: Andreas Karlstadt agrees with Luther that the Church needs reform; encourages Luther's efforts.
1519 CE: Andreas Karlstadt is a central participant, with Luther, in the Debate at Leipzig against Johann Eck of the Catholic Church.
1521 CE - 1522 CE: Andreas Karlstadt is the central reformer in Wittenberg advocating for radical change.
1521 CE: Andreas Karlstadt marries 15-year-old Anna von Mochau in defiance of the Church's prohibition on clerical marriage.
1522 CE - 1524 CE: Luther denounces Karlstadt as a radical and prohibits him from publishing or preaching.
1524 CE: Karlstadt's life is threatened at the outbreak of the German Peasants' War and he seeks sanctuary at Luther's house.
1529 CE: Karlstadt and his family leave Germany for Switzerland where he is welcomed by Zwingli and his followers.
1534 CE - 1541 CE: Andreas Karlstadt is Dean of University of Basel until his death.
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