Visual Timeline: Alexander Severus

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200 CE 210 CE 220 CE 230 CE  
208 CE: Birth of Roman Emperor Alexander Severus.
221 CE: Alexander Severus named Caesar and heir to Elagabalus.
222 CE - 235 CE: Reign of Roman Emperor Severus Alexander.
224 CE: Death of Ulpian - Praetorian Guard commander and advisor to Alexander Severus and his mother.
227 CE: Arranged marriage of Alexander Severus. Though the bride is exiled by his mother.
231 CE: Alexander Severus and his mother arrive in Antioch to battle the Persians.
235 CE: Alexander Severus and his mother cross the Rhine to engage the Germans.
235 CE: Assassination of Alexander Severus and his mother, which begins crisis and period of Barracks Emperors.
200 CE 210 CE 220 CE 230 CE